Date: December 3rd 2017    Location: The Grand Hall at the Priory
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Women and Whiskey


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Women and Whiskey 2017

We are entering our 3rd year of Women and Whiskey and every year gets bigger and better. Thanks to all of your help, we were able to raise over $12,000 for the charity last year! We look forward to all of you helping us beat last year!
In memory of Christy Angelo former Southern Wine & Spirits and Beam Suntory employee -February 9, 1981-December 24, 2012
Christy Angelo was a beloved part of the Southern Wine & Spirits and Beam Suntory family for many years.  She lost a short five month battle with colon cancer on Christmas Eve 2012.
Christy stepped away from corporate life in 2007 to fulfill a passion working in the spirits’ industry. Her years of experience bartending made her a perfect candidate for a sales consultant at SWS, later moving on to become a Territory Manager for Beam Suntory.  Christy was a hard worker and inspirational to everyone who came in contact with her.  Her personality, charisma, talent, and love of life exuded from her at all times.  Throughout her career, Christy hosted whiskey themed events ranging from distillery tastings to food and whiskey pairings.  She was dedicated to educating other females in the industry about whiskey, working against the stigma that the world of whiskey was dominated by men.  Her love for whiskey started long before today’s growing trend.  For Christy, whiskey was a way of life.  Locally, she paved the way for many successful women in the industry. 
We are looking to nominate those women who share Christy’s dedication to the world of whiskey.  Our mission is to network among prominent women in the industry, collaborating and idea-sharing to continue influencing others with passion and commitment.

The Nominations - 
We are looking for nominee’s who fulfill and embody these same characteristics as Christy – and to honor them at the Women and Whiskey event on Sunday, December 3rd, 2017. If you would like to nominate someone for this honor, please complete the below nomination form by September 15, 2017. Honorees will be announced September 20, 2017.
The Event – 
Women and Whiskey will be held on December 3rd, 2017 at The Grand Hall at The Priory with guest speaker Kathleen DiBenedetto. Kathleen is a distinguished member of the exclusive Bourbon Hall of Fame. The Kentucky Distillers’ Association chose this Beam Suntory veteran for her work to build the small batch category, broaden bourbon’s appeal, and develop a bourbon education platform. The event includes Dinner, whiskey Cocktails, and a Whiskey Flight will be served with dinner. There will also be a silent auction and other activities
The Cause – Allegheny Center for Digestive Health and the Allegheny Cancer Institute 
The event, in coordination with Big Blue Quest, will raise funds for the Allegheny Center for Digestive Health and Allegheny Cancer Institute in memory of Christy. Dr. James McCormick, Chief Division of the Colon and Rectal Surgery, will speak on behalf of the Allegheny Center for digestive health. Each honoree can participate by raising money from September 25th to November 27th and/or selling tickets to the event.
This year’s event will be bigger and better and help a cause! Thank you to everyone for nominating your favorite Whiskey Woman!